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types of camps

There are thousands of different camps in Canada, each unique and with their own style, culture, and identity. Finding the right type of camp is important for you and for your campers, being placed at a camp that is the right fit for everyone is what we pride ourselves in at Camp Canada.

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types of camps

active faith-based camps

Operated by Christian or Jewish organizations, these camps provide a broad range of outdoor activities. Daily prayer, worship and religious study are typically not major camp activities; however, they may be part of daily camp life. You don't have to be religious to work in these camps, just open-minded.

types of camps

campers with special needs

These camps serve children and adults with disabilities. Some camps focus on providing adaptive facilities for physical limitations, some serve campers with developmental disabilities/behavioural challenges, and others integrate special needs campers into traditional camp settings. You don't need previous training in working with special needs, just the willingness to learn.

types of camps

campers from an underprivileged background

Run by non-profit organizations, these traditional-style camps provide lower cost or free programming for underprivileged/disadvantaged youth who may never have been in the wilderness before. You can make a real difference to children's lives here!

types of camps

rustic camps

These camps are often in remote locations near provincial parks, and may have limited access to modern comforts like electricity and WiFi. There will be a focus on teaching wilderness skills to kids, and programs typically involve multi-day hiking or canoe excursions.

types of camps

traditional camps

Most similar to what you've seen in the movies, these camps blend a variety of sports, wilderness, creative arts and special activities into their daily programs.

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