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a unique experience.

what is Camp Canada?

an authentic Canadian adventure.

Camp Canada offers an opportunity for you to spend 8-10 weeks living and working in a summer camp surrounded by amazing Canadian landscapes.

You will be responsible for campers, either by acting as a role model and ensuring the wellbeing of your campers as a Camp Counsellor, or by teaching different groups of campers your chosen skill as an Activity Specialist.

After camp there is a chance to travel for up to 6 months and explore the vast mountain ranges of Canada. You could take a trip to Niagara Falls, or even dive into one of Canada's metropolitan cities and discover some truly unbeatable diners, bars, and restaurants.

live and work at summer camp

This is why Camp Canada exists. After you get paired with your perfect summer camp and role, you will head to a camp in Canada. We will ensure the important pieces are in place (e.g. organizing your work permit paperwork, health insurance, etc) before you arrive so you can land in Canada and jump straight into your best summer ever.

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life at camp

If you speak to anyone that has experienced camp life firsthand, there is nothing else quite like it. It is a special experience that you will remember long after your return from Canada.

You will spend the majority of your time helping the campers develop their skills and being a great role model that they will look up to for years to come. You can venture into the mountains on camping trips for a few nights under the stars with your campers, or teach a sport or hobby that you've practiced for hours growing up.

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work with children

Spend 8-10 weeks with children, helping them through their summer away from their family and making sure that they are having an epic summer at camp.

Working with children is not only hugely rewarding, it is also a great way for you to develop your skills and CV. Become the ultimate role model and have an impact on a group of children that will last a lifetime, both for them, and for you.

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teach what you love

The skills that are taught at camp are varied and account for a majority of the day at camp. From teaching sports and arts, to hobbies such as jewelry making, wherever your passion lies, there is more than likely a camp that needs your help to teach it.

As an Activity Specialist you will be working with different groups of campers throughout the day, giving you the opportunity to improve the skills of hundreds of children whilst also helping you improve your coaching and technical ability.

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travel Canada

Camp Canada is the perfect opportunity to begin a new adventure and travel to a country you are yet to discover. Explore Canada during your time at camp by leading adventure trips, and then have the opportunity to travel to new mountain ranges, towns, and cities after camp for up to six months.

Camp is a great way to begin a new adventure abroad and expand your horizons. While the experience of camp is a unique experience, so is discovering this unique country.

Begin Your Canadian Adventure

earn a minimum of $1000 CAD

While you are gaining experience with children, exploring the local Canadian countryside, and teaching your skills to children, you will also be earning spending money during your summer.

This is a great opportunity to help fund your after camp adventures in Canada. The spending money depends on your age and skills that you can bring to camp but it is a great bonus to go along with the experience of camp.

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teach what you love and have a life-changing authentic Canadian adventure.