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limited faith-based camps

The complete summer camp experience!

Welcome to limited faith-based camps. It's important to note that you don't need to be religious to spend your summer here... this isn't Bible school!

Limited programming camps offer a traditional camp experience with religious prayer, worship or reflection within the daily or weekly schedule.

life at limited-faith based camps

These camps are often indistinguishable from traditional summer camps and either come with Christian faith or Jewish faith attached.

Christian limited programming camps will offer the traditional experience. Daily prayer, worship and bible studies are not major camp activities, but may still be part of daily life.

Jewish limited faith camps also offer the traditional summer camp life. Prayer and worship are not part of the daily schedule, however they will incorporate a weekly gathering into the itinerary, to reflect and focus on the importance of community.

limited faith-based camp activities

The beauty of summer camp is that it's all about simple outdoor activities - you'll get just about the same experience as you will at any other camp.

Whatever activity you love, you can teach it at camp - from dance to tennis or photography. You don't need to be an expert - the campers are just there to have an enjoyable summer and have fun while learning new skills.

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is this camp for me?

It is important when interviewing with a limited faith programming camp, to enquire how the faith comes to life in the schedule to decide whether this is the camp type for you.

If you are open-minded and community based, these camps could be for you!

follow your passion.
you can do everything at camp.

how to apply to these camps

Just hit the apply button. From there, you can start your application, and learn a lot more about working at all types of camps.

Top tip: There's always a huge demand from these camps looking for participants! If you select a limited-faith based camp in your camp preferences, you're opening yourself up to more opportunity for getting hired!

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