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praytime, meet playtime.

faith-based camps

These camps are all about developing strong values. While some faith-based camps will want to hire staff of their common religion, many of these camps were founded by Jewish or Christian settlers, and still hold their faith status.

Don't be thrown off by the faith of the camp. Many people picture faith-based camps to be summer at bible school - but at most camps, this isn't the case. Many camps just have a simple prayer before mealtimes, and after that, it's off to the lake.

facilities & accommodation

Facilities are different at each camp, but traditional cabins are the most common. You'll probably stay with a few co-counsellors and your campers. Staff usually have a private area as well.

Meals are served in a bigger dining hall.

top tip about faith camps:

We recommend adding faith-based camps to your profile! You'll make yourself eligible to be hired at hundreds more summer camps that are simply regular camps with Jewish or Christian status.

Then, if you get an interview with a faith-based camp, just ask your Camp Director what to expect during your interview. Just be open and honest about your comfort level. If it's not the right camp, there are hundreds more to interview with!

faith-based camp activities

Faith-based camps offer the same activities as any other camp.

It's not always about prayer time - more often that not, it's about playtime. After all, it is summer camp! You'll find all kinds of activities at these camps, from roles on the waterfront to videography and lots more.

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the campers

You'll become a strong role model to your campers at faith-based camps, along with fellow staff who have similar values to you.

The sense of community is really strong at these camps, since their traditions go back over 100 years. Campers are usually polite and well-mannered, thanks to their faith-based education.

follow your passion.

how to apply for a faith-based camp

Simply hit the apply button. Once you're there, you can start your application, and learn a lot more about working at a faith-based camp or about all the other types of camps.

You can always ask for more information about camp types from the Camp Canada team. If you're interested in working at a faith-based camp, either Jewish or Christian, you can specify it in your application.

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