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thrive as you

single gender camps

Be yourself. Thrive as yourself.

Single gender camps are for predominantly male identifying or female identifying campers.

Single gender camps will always fall into another category of camp. For example a rustic or a traditional camp, therefore the facilities, accommodation and surroundings of the camp will reflect this.

life at single gender camps

Single gender camps focus on creating a positive atmosphere and environment where all campers can be comfortable as their true self.

There will be a range of activities at single gender camps for you to lead or assist in, including all the usual summer camp favourites!

single gender camp activities

The beauty of summer camp is that it's all about simple outdoor activities - you'll get just about the same experience as you will at any other camp.

Whatever activity you love, you can teach it at camp - from dance to tennis or photography. You don't need to be an expert - the campers are just there to have an enjoyable summer and have fun while learning new skills.

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is this camp for me?

It is important when interviewing with a single gender camp, to enquire whether this is the camp type for you.

For example, you may want to know if all the staff are the same identifying gender as the campers, or if there's a mix in the staff community.

follow your passion.
you can do everything at camp.

how to apply to these camps

Just hit the apply button. From there, you can start your application, and learn a lot more about working at all types of camps.

You can specify your interests in your application. Remember, the more open you are, the easier it is to get placed at camp!

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