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_____? yep, there's a role for that.

summer camp activities.

Summer camp is intended to be 8 full weeks of fun for both campers and staff - so naturally, there's got to be some fun activities.

Camp is the ideal place for campers to try new things, and there's an incredible variety of activities available. Art, sports, anything you can think of.

There are thousands of positions available, and camps love hiring international staff to teach their campers new skills. Whatever you're passionate about, there's a summer job for you.

step into a great summer role. find your skill below:

camp activity categories.

If you don't see your activity, check out the categories below. You're sure to find something that suits you:

don't see your activity?

Don't worry, still go ahead and apply. There are too many roles at camp for us to list here, so chances are you'll be able to teach it at camp anyways.

Camps also hire general camp counselors, but we recommend applying with a specific skill in mind. This way, you'll open up more opportunities for you to get hired by a great camp!

get into the outdoors.