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inspire young athletes.

sports coaching jobs in canada.

Sports coaching at summer camp Canada form the base of your activity timetables. Whether it’s out on the fields or in the sports center, all around camp you’ll see children out and about, being active.

Camp is all about trying something new and having fun improving skills and confidence. Where else can you play roller hockey, baseball and relax with some yoga all in a day?

sports activities at camp:


We're looking for archery enthusiasts who feel comfortable teaching campers of all ages and abilities.

If you have a certificate or qualifications, then even better.

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Have you hit a homerun in your life before? If so, how about being a baseball coach at camp?

Even if you haven’t played baseball, other sports like rounders and softball are very similar to it. Could you transfer your passion and knowledge of these sports to baseball? Let us know!

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Score your perfect summer as a basketball coach.

If “Slamdunk” is your middle name and you have experience teaching basketball, this position could be perfect for you. Let us know all about your basketball skills and you could find yourself coaching Canadians all summer long!

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Having trouble working out how best to spend your summer? Consider a position as a fitness coach at a camp in Canada!

If you’re passionate about being active and staying healthy, this position could be right for you! Let us know about your experience and you could be teaching Canadian kids all about healthy living this summer.

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Yep, American style. Introduce the game to youngsters who haven’t played before, and come up with game plans for the more advanced kids.

If you’ve got the confidence to share your knowledge, great! If you have coached the sport before, even better.

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If you defy gravity on a regular basis and would love to teach children all your tips and tricks, this position could be for you. Tell us all about your experience and you could be doing flips all over a camp in Canada this summer!

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Have you got experience playing and coaching field or roller hockey? You could spend your summer playing shinny with campers in Canada! Let us know what experience you have and score a great job!

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horse riding.

If you've got experience with horses, whether riding, caring, or stable work, you'll be a lock for a role at camp in Canada this summer.

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martial arts.

If you have experience training in or teaching any form of martial arts, we want to hear about it. Fill us in on your experience and you could spend your summer teaching campers in Canada all about your favourite style!

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mountain biking.

Hit the trails this summer - take groups of campers out on excursions around Canada's incredible wilderness.

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If you’re able to do simple or advanced skateboarding tricks, this position could be right for you. Let us know about your skill level, and you could be kickflipping all over camp this summer!

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If you play the beautiful game, you can teach it to kids at summer camp. Fill us in on your skills and you could become the international coach of a Canadian camper’s dreams!

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If you are an avid tennis player with experience teaching the sport to others, you could spend your summer having a smashing time teaching young Canadians. Let us know about your experience in your application!

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yoga & pilates.

Spend your summer finding your inner zen as a yoga or pilates coach!

If you are a yoga or pilates fanatic who has experience teaching the activity to others, this could be the right position for you. Fill us in on all the details and you could find yourself teaching campers about the joys of healthy living this summer!

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don't see your activity?

Apply anyways. There are too many roles at camp for us to list here, so chances are you'll be able to teach your skill at camp.

You can also check out other roles:

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