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teach what you love.

activity specialist

are you comfortable teaching a specific skill to kids?

Then the Activity Specialist is the right role for you. You can teach an activity that you have a passion for at one of the most fun places on earth... camp!

Although certifications are not needed to be an Activity Specialist, any experience you have with your skills will be an asset for your application.

your role

As an Activity Specialists you will teach children of all ages your particular skill/specialty program area. This activity could be anything from dance instructor, to archery and horseback riding.

As part of your role, you have to find a way to engage the campers in your lessons while keeping them fun! Activities is what makes camp an exciting place for campers. They can learn new skills and have a sense of accomplishment with you as their guide.

Activity Specialists may share cabins with campers and other Counsellors, or stay at a staff cabin with fellow instructors.

teach your hobby every single day

Activity Specialists need to be creative in problem-solving to allow every camper in their group to succeed and have a feeling of accomplishment. This experience will make your CV stand out since you'll have over 8 weeks of coaching in an international setting!

You will facilitate the learning of new skills for many kids making every day at camp even more exciting. It's vital to be positive in your teaching style while going that extra mile.

make an impact

When working as an Activity Specialist, you have the freedom to plan and lead your own program. This will be an incredible experience that will make you confident in working with children which could be applied for other roles in the future.

As part of your role, you'll have to understand what different campers require and provide individual support when needed. It's important for you to boost kids' confidence and act as a true leader while helping them develop and grow this skill.

not your average job

Working at a Canadian summer camp is an extraordinary experience that will allow you to improve various skills such as leadership, problem solving, and behavior management strategies.

Activity Specialists learn how to adapt to different situations, and need to be open to helping campers on their low points. Seeing the campers succeed more than they ever thought they possibly could will be one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have!

why should you work as an activity specialist?

The best thing about being an Activity Specialist is that you get to run a really fun program and interact with all the campers, without having to keep track of a specific set of kids. Canoe tripping, has given me the opportunity to better get to know campers & counsellors I took on trip.

Sleeping in tents, portaging canoes & swimming in some of the most wild & beautiful spots in the country - and being paid to do so is incredible! I’ve learned so much from my summers at camp, both the hard skills (tying knots, making fires) and soft skills (managing a group, conflict resolution & de-escalation techniques) that I can take with me moving forward in life and my future career.

Nikki Patel
Canoe Tripper Leader
the most epic way to spend your summer.